NAPIS® 'Step-by-Step' for NAPIS Map Queries

You may want to print out the NAPIS Site Map description to support this 'Step-by-Step'

Step 1. Open the NAPIS Site Map:

Click on the Vicinity Map on an active Site or Collection data form to open the NAPIS Site Map.

Site Map To the top

Step 2. Run a Spatial Query:

Select Query | Spatial Query from the menu-bar to open the Spatial Query Definition dialog shown below. Select a map layer to run the spatial query on from the 'Layer' drop-down list. Select the map field to query by double-clicking on a value in the 'Fields' list (e.g. 'NAME'). Next select a Boolean operator (=, <, >, etc.) by clicking once on the appropriate button, and then double-click a value from the 'Values' list (e.g. 'United States'). Click the 'Run Query' button to execute the query.

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When the query is run, the map layer will flash purple and collect Site points within its boundary. The results of the spatial query will turn the selected points yellow on the map and set a flag, changing the value to 'True' in the 'SELECTED' column of the data grid as shown below.

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Add to your spatial query by using the irregular polygon drawing tool on the far left of the toolbar. Click to activate the drawing tool and then click on the map at the corners of your selection to collect more points. Double-click to finish the drawing.

Step 3. Run an Attribute Query:

With the results of the spatial query active on the map (the flag fields on the grid are set to 'True') select Query | Attribute Query | Biomass Samples (Field) from the menu-bar to open the Query Builder dialog box. A text-field attribute query is run against database tables linked to the 'Selected' = 'True' sites. Where there are NO sites selected, the attribute query function automatically selects ALL sites for inclusion in the query. Attribute query builders are available for:

  • Collection / Isolates
  • Microorganism Source Materials
  • Microorganism Cryo-Preserves
  • Biomass Samples (Field)
  • Chemistry Material Samples

To run a query, select a field from the 'Fields' list by double-clicking on it. Next select a Boolean operator (=, <, >, etc.) by clicking once on the appropriate button. Select a value to limit your query, e.g. if you were querying the color field you might pick 'Green'. Click the 'Run Query' button to execute your query.

Query Builder To the top

The Map Query Result automatically displays with the query results. A purple triangle will be visible on the NAPIS Map at the site(s) where the sample(s) were collected.

Query Result To the top

If you select File | Copy to OSAR grid from the menu-bar the query result will migrate to an OSAR form, for access to further data visualization tools.