NAPIS® for Work Orders (General)

NOTE: This 'Step-by-Step' is for field bss samples, but is applicable to all work orders.


Step 1. Open the Work Order Form:

From the NAPIS main menu select LIMS | Work Order | Biomass Samples for Grinding to open the Biomass Samples for Grinding Work Order form shown below.

Biomass Samples for Grinding Work Order To the top

Step 2. Group Your Samples by Query:

Select Query | Define and Run Query from the menu-bar to open the Query Builder dialog shown below.

Query Builder To the top

Build the query by highlighting a value in the left-hand 'Fields' list, which is filtered to show only those fields related to the selected query function. 'Values' for the highlighted field should appear on the right-hand list; if they do not, uncheck the 'Do not show distinct values' box in the top right and begin again.

Double-click the highlighted field in the left-hand list (confirm that text appears in the data window at the bottom of the form) then single-click a Boolean operator button like '=' in the center (confirm that text appears in the data window), and then double-click a highlighted value from the right-hand 'Values' list (again, confirm that text appears in the data window).

Click the 'Run Query' button to execute.

NOTE: It is not possible to modify the Work Order Query Preferences.

Step 3. View the Query Result:

Re-run the query as necessary to create the proper grouping of samples, or delete rows from the grid by selecting the row and holding down 'Ctrl' and 'Del' on the keyboard.

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Step 4. Set Values for the Work Order:

In the body of the form click the 'Set Values' button to open the Set Grinding Values dialog shown below. Enter values as prompted. This dialog may have a different appearance for the different Work Order functions you use. Click 'OK' to proceed. Note that the 'Submit_Wt (g)' and 'Protocol_ID' columns have been updated on the Work Order.

Set Grinding Values To the top

Biomass Samples for Grinding Work Order To the top

Step 5. Make the Work Order transaction with the database:

Click 'SUBMIT' on the body of the Work Order form to open the Create Grinding Work Order dialog and enter values as prompted. The 'Work Order No.' must be a unique value. Set the date using the calendar and the investigator using the pull-down list. You may select the checkbox to 'Print Work Order' if you like. Click 'OK' to proceed.

Create Gringing Work Order To the top

An information dialog will appear and prompt you to COMMIT to making a transaction. You cannot undo the Work Order after clicking 'Yes' on this dialog.

Confirm To the top

Step 6. View Your Final Work Order:

Following your submittal, the form will appear as shown below, with the 'Work Order No.' on the body of the form. You may re-open a Work Order file at a later date by selecting File | Open Archive from the menu-bar.

Biomass Samples for Grinding Work Order To the top

A log file of your Work Order is saved to the 'c:\Program Files\Napis Lite\Work Order' directory. You can email this file to another person in your lab when managing the work. The file name is automatically generated using date and time stamps.

In this case the file is named 'wo_WO_BG_20040320_20040320_092350.log'.

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