NAPIS®'Step-by-Step' for Sample Submittal (General)

NOTE: This 'Step-by-Step' is for field biomass sas, but is applicable to all submittals.


Step 1. Open the Field Biomass Sample Submittal form:

This form will automatically be opened after selecting the 'To Submit' button on an Inventory form.

Biomass Sample Submittal To the top

Step 2. Set the Submit Values:

On the body of the Submit form, click the 'Set Values' button to open the Set Submit Values dialog. The 'Bulk' radio-button choice is the default. Enter a number for submit weight (in grams) and click 'OK' to update the columns on the grid.

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If you do not have enough sample for the submittal, an error will be raised. Click 'OK' to dismiss it.

Error To the top

A warning dialog will then appear and the values in the grid will properly be managed.

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Step 3. Confirm Your Set Values:

To account for submit quantities that are lower than the set values enter a valid number into the grid cell, or delete that sample from the submittal by selecting a row and holding 'Ctrl' and 'Del' on the keyboard. This does not delete the record from the database -- only from the query results set.

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Step 4. Perform the Submit:

In the body of the Submittal form click the 'SUBMIT' button to open the Create Submit Transmittal Record dialog.

Create Submit Transmittal Record To the top

Enter the Transmittal Record ID: In this example, we used the convention of B (for Biomass Samples Field) underscore Date (in the form of YYYYMMDD). This ensures uniqueness and proper sorting in later queries.

Enter the Date: Click the 'Set Date' button next to the date field to open the calendar dialog where the date is selected using mouse clicks. Dates are not entered at the keyboard. Click the green 'checkmark' to close and save.

Enter the Company: Use the pull-down menu to select the name of the company you are submitting the samples to.

Enter the Department: Use the pull-down menu to select the department you are submitting the samples to.

Create a Packing Slip (optional): Click the check-box on the lower-left of this dialog to create a printable packing slip.

Click 'OK': This will raise an information dialog that prompts you to COMMIT to making the transaction. You cannot undo the Submit after clicking 'Yes' on this dialog.

Confirm To the top

Step 5. View the Final Submittal:

The name and address of the organization you submitted the samples to will appear in the body of the form. The example shown here is from a prior submittal. You can open an archive of any submittal at any time from the menu-bar by selecting File | Open Archive.

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Step 6. Transmit the Data With the Samples:

An Excel file will be saved to your 'c:\Program Files\ Napis Lite\Submit' directory under the name of the Transmittal Record ID that you assigned in Step 4. Copy this file to a floppy disk and send it with the samples - it will require that Chemistry of the University of State then 'Receive' the sample transmittal.

The example below shows the file system in the Windows Explorer view.

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