NAPIS® Utilities: Protocols

From the NAPIS main menu select Utilities | Protocols to open the View Protocols dialog.

Protocols for biomass sample grinding, microorganism fermentation, chemical extraction, fractionation, purification, bioassay, etc. are managed within NAPIS. They are entered via this form and segregated by their assigned Type.

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Images of the protocol can be saved to the database with a right-click on the photo field and 'Paste' from the clipboard (for an image stored in Windows memory) or 'Paste From' a discrete file (*.bmp) that is selected using the 'Browse' dialog. These images are stored in a field in the database table, so try to keep your image file sizes as small as possible for optimal network performance.

The Protocol ID must be a unique value.

he Description of the protocol will appear in pull-down lists on NAPIS forms.

Notes on the protocol can be entered for reference.

The Protocol Types filter the protocols to be displayed in the various forms in NAPIS.

  • B = Bioassay
  • L = Microorganism Culture Plating
  • R = Microorganism Fermentation
  • G = Macroorganism Tissue Grinding
  • E = Extraction
  • F = Fractionation
  • P = Fraction Purification
  • S = Structural Elucidation

For additional technical information on protocol types, look at the record type usage technical sheet.