NAPIS® Utilities: Personnel

From the NAPIS main menu select Utilities | Personnel to open the Personnel Maintenance dialog.

All persons managed by NAPIS must be entered in the personnel form, but it is not necessary for a registered person to be in every list. For example, a 'Collector' may not necessarily be a 'System User' or an 'Investigator'.

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Click on the 'Modify' button under the Persons list to open the Person Data dialog shown below. Enter a new record for yourself and for each person managed by the system by selecting Record | New Record from the menu-bar. For each record assign a unique Person ID. This can be a sequential number like '1000' or a text value such as 'hunter'. Fill out all other relevant fields. To associate a person with a company, click inside the text box beneath the title Company Lookup. A down arrow will appear on the right. Click on this arrow to select a company from a list. If the company you want does not appear in the list, click on the 'New Company' button to add a company as described in Utilities: Companies.

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Click on the 'Modify' button under the System Users list to open the System Users dialog shown below. When a person is added to the System Users list they are allowed to login to NAPIS.

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Highlight a person's name on the left list and click the arrow button in the center to move the name to the right list. This action will open the User Name dialog shown below. Enter a unique User Name and a Password.

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Repeat these steps for the Collectors and Investigators lists; the Collector IDs and the Investigator IDs you assign will appear in pull-down lists on the NAPIS Collection, Chemistry, and LIMS forms.