NAPIS® Conventions

NAPIS forms use a Graphical User Interface (GUI) design. Each form has a title-bar, menu-bar and tool-bar, in addition to general form functions. Windows conventions have been followed in the forms design and implementation, and we have purposefully tried to limit the numbers of icons.


Menu Bar

  • File | Open, Close, Print, Printer Setup
  • Edit | Find and Find Next are functions also found on the tool-bar
  • Record | New Record and Delete Record, plus record scroll functions
  • Help | Contents and About


Tool Bar

  • Back Arrow : back to the previous form
  • Print : print form
  • Find : find value for field that cursor is placed in
  • Find Next : find next value for selected field
  • Scroll to First : go to first record in table
  • Scroll Previous : go to the previous record in table
  • Scroll Next : go to the next record in table
  • Scroll to Last : go to last record in table
  • Undo : cancels edits since opening record-specific form
  • Named Buttons : navigates to related forms as named


  • Check-box : select multiple items from a list

Check Box

  • Radio-button : select only one item from a list

Radio Butons

  • Pull-down choices : select one value from a list

Pull Down

  • List Box : use arrows in the center to move data from the available list to the selected list

List Box

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