NAPIS® Collection Module

The Collection module manages the relationship between a collection site, the many different taxonomically distinct collection(s) collected from the site, and the many different biomass sample(s) collected from that organism. For example, a site would be a specific geographic location on a specific date where the collection consists of biomass samples of roots, bark, twigs and fruits from the Pacific yew tree, Taxus brevifolia.

Collection Set

There is a deviation from this workflow when microorganism samples are collected. This is represented in the above graphic where microorganism source material samples (soils, etc.) are collected from a site. From each of these source material samples, one or more taxonomically distinct isolates can be grown in the laboratory on culture plates. Each distinct isolate may yield many different fermentation biomass samples when grown in different media under different conditions and treatments.

From either collection method, biomass sample(s) then enter the Chemistry workflow.


Terrestrial Organisms

Marine Organisms